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Making it in a man’s world.

The voice for women in a male dominated industry.

Let’s break the ice.
Or perhaps a glass ceiling.

Hi! My name is Gina Field - a self-proclaimed business misfit and a walking contradiction.

We have all watched a movie and resonated with a character, just like Elle from legally blonde, destined to fail and never taken seriously, but boy, didn’t she show them!

Embark on an enlightening journey as Gina unveils the remarkable story of transforming her business into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, securing lucrative government contracts across Sydney. Discover the strategies, insights, and key factors…

What I do

Key Note Speaker

Inspirational accounts of succeeding in a male dominated world

Opinion Leader

A strong advocate who is passionate about small business


Ignite your event with an engaging MC for your corporate function

“ never say never”
what’s the worst that could happen ?
they say NO?

Gina Field

Gina gives back

Gina, an advocate for small businesses, strongly believes in giving back to the community. In addition to supporting community groups, she organizes donations such as food, treats, and toys for the local pound. Regularly visiting the pound, Gina personally delivers these contributions, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact and showing care for animals in need. Her dedication to giving back showcases her philanthropic spirit and inspires others to contribute to creating a more compassionate society.

Gina on Studio 10

Gina Field is interviewed by Angela Bishop and Narelda Jacobs of Studio10 on Channel 10. Gina shared the experience about winning the Australian Women Small Business Awards for Outstanding Customer Service in 2022 for her security company Nepean Regional Security. She also shared what it is like to be a woman in security.