Gina Field is a self-proclaimed business misfit.

From humble beginnings in a working-class family, she joined the security industry as a security officer when it was almost unheard of for a young woman in that era. At a time of gender discrimination for promotion opportunities, she started her own firm.

over a quarter of a century ago in the back room of her rental property. Led to believe she was one of the first in NSW; there were many occasions when she was not taken seriously by competitors and pending clients.

Doing it all on her own, working the night shift in a patrol car and days building up the client base, she knew that this had to be a point of difference and deliver something beyond what was out there.
For an industry already saturated, the point of difference was “Gina”!

Fast forward to the present day, with Federal, State and Local government contracts, Gina’s security business, Nepean Regional Security, is now the most awarded security firm in Australia with nearly 50 personnel; this is all due to her obvious strategy on how to make an impact in an industry where she could quite easily have been overlooked.

During her years in business, she has seen many companies come and go. She has navigated through the GFC, Covid and regulatory changes and is the first to shine a spotlight on how rewarding but challenging running a small-medium business can be.

Alongside her role as Managing Director of Nepean Regional Security, through her experiences, Gina is a sought-after presenter and MC who brings a witty sense of humour and honesty to her inspiring story and talks. She talks about the highs and lows of running a business in a natural and honest way whilst talking about taking risks and gaining multi-billion dollar contracts.

Named by the Sunday Telegraph as a “Business Tycoon, ” Gina likes to inspire other business owners who want to grow their organisations and young women who would like to make their mark in male-dominated industries.

Gina has a regular column in the Nepean News and a spot on My88FM called “Left of Field”, here she shares her unconventional thinking on topics such as human behaviour, often reframing them with a sense of political satire. The media call on Gina as a contributor for her opinion on incidents regarding security, equality in the workplace, running a business, and changing political policy and its effects on business.

Gina confesses that she has attended the school of gut instinct and hard work, which has paid off for her.

Constantly engaging and entertaining, Gina always promises to be honest, a little like a sweet cocktail with a sharp twist of lemon.

Gina on Studio 10

Gina Field is interviewed by Angela Bishop and Narelda Jacobs of Studio10 on Channel 10. Gina shared the experience about winning the Australian Women Small Business Awards for Outstanding Customer Service in 2022 for her security company Nepean Regional Security. She also shared what it is like to be a woman in security.